Trader Joe’s Rice Medley, with Three Types of Rice

This Trader Joe’s rice medley is super easy to heat up in the microwave, and comes fully pre cooked and frozen. TJs has broken it down into 3 little pouches so you only have to heat up a little at a time. The rice is packed with nutrients and has a good, lively taste to it. This is one of many Trader Joe’s frozen rice options, including the jasmine rice and the organic brown rice, among others. I like cooking this in the microwave, then adding some soy sauce or yum yum sauce to it, depending on how healthy I am feeling! If I’m not eating white rice, this is definitely one of my favorite Trader Joe’s rices to eat………….

  • 200 calories per serving
  • Net Weight: 30 oz (3 – 10 oz pouches)
  • Contains brown rice, sweet brown rice, red rice, and black barley rice

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Trader Joe’s Brown Rice Medley

What is everyone’s favorite recipe to pair this Trader Joe’s rice medley with? Usually when I make a healthy protein like grilled chicken or fish, I go for this healthier rice. It’s nice to not have to worry about the side dish while I’m cooking the main part of the meal. Does anyone add any unique or delicious sauces to this rice ever? It does absorb flavors really well so I’d imagine a lot of you add super savory or sweet sauces to drown the rice in sometimes. You could also add this brown rice medley to a crockpot since it’s already cooked, to soak up some of the juices at the bottom. Also, this is perfect for vegans that want a filling meal with a lot of nutrients that aren’t easy to come by in such a convenient way…..

Price: $3.49

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