Trader Joe’s Cassava Chips, Gluten Free Chips

These Trader Joe’s cassava chips are an interesting gluten free tortilla chip that have a tad more crunch and sandpaper feel to them than a regular chip, but are actually pretty good overall. The official name is Trader Joe’s Grainless Cassava and Coconut Tortilla Chips with avocado oil, seeds and seasoning. Yes that’s a mouthful, but they actually taste fairly normal for having all those crazy qualifiers in their name! If you are looking for gluten free tortilla chips without any grains, these are a great option. They hold up decently well in dips or nachos, and sort of remind me of Baked Lays…….…….

  • 130 calories per serving
  • Net Weight: 6 oz
  • Ingredients are cassava flour, avocado oil, coconut flour, seasoning blend (white sesame seeds, sea salt, dried garlic, dried onions, black sesame seeds, poppy seeds), chia seeds and sea salt

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Grainless Gluten Free Tortilla Chips at Trader Joe’s

These gluten free chips are one of many gluten free alternatives at Trader Joe’s, but as with a lot of gf products at TJs, these replicate the feel and taste of regular non gluten free products really well. What does everyone think of these chips that has tried them? If anyone has used these with different Trader Joe’s dips and loved the combo, let me know! I’m not that familiar with grainless chips in general, so I’d love to know how people would compare these to other national brands. And if you cant make it out to TJs in person, check out these items…..

Siete Grain Free Tortilla Chips Mix, 2 Sea Salt, 2 Lime, 2 Nacho, 5 oz bags, 6-Pack

Paleo Snacks – Cassava Chips – Baked Chips – Sea Salt Chips – Gluten Free Chips – Vegan Chips – Cassava Flour Chips – Vegan Gluten Free Snacks – ARTISAN TROPIC Cassava Strips – 1.2 Oz – 16 Pack

Price: $2.99

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