Trader Joe’s Stevia, Liquid

Trader Joe’s stevia, in liquid form, is a really good deal for an organic and easy to use sugar replacement. You can add drops of this to any recipe like soups, sauces or for baking. I know that some people use it in their coffee or tea, to give it a sweet tasting kick without the sugar. It’s great that people who don’t eat sugar have so many substitute options now. Trader Joe’s also sells stevia as an extract powder. The ingredients in this liquid stevia are water, organic stevia extract and organic alcohol. The little 2 oz bottle is super convenient and easy to use……..…….

  • Organic and sugar free
  • Net Weight: 2 oz
  • Great sugar replacement in recipes

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Trader Joe’s Liquid Stevia

What does everyone mainly use this Trader Joe’s stevia for? I generally eat sugar so don’t use stevia often, but it seems like some of my friends use this religiously in their coffee. Is there any bitter aftertaste when you use this for baking or in recipes instead of sugar? It’s never a bad thing to cut down on sugar intake, so this seems like a fun way to make delicious guilt free recipes without using straight sugar. I know some folks have concerns over possible side effects from stevia, so let me know if anyone has experienced anything that they weren’t expecting after using this.

I have never been one to put suagr in my coffee, but the calories can really add up if you use it everyday, so I’d imagine this can save a ton of weight on a daily basis in place of real sugar. If you have any stories about why you love or hate this form of stevia, be sure to let me know! Check out these other options if you can’t make it to TJs…….

NOW Foods, Certified Organic BetterStevia Liquid, Zero-Calorie Liquid Sweetener, Low Glycemic Impact, Certified Non-GMO, 8-Ounce

Trader Joe’s Organic Liquid Stevia Extract 2 FL. oz, (2 Packs)

Price: $6.99

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