Trader Joe’s Sangria, Boxed Wine

This Trader Joe’s sangria is sweet, fruity and a cheap and easy way to bring sangria to a party or bbq. It’s not the most sophisticated sangria to be sure, but it gets the job done. And for a price around $10 for the equivalent of 4 full bottles, this is a great deal. It keeps fresh seemingly forever in the fridge (Trader Joe’s says 45 days), is easy to dispense, and basically makes it super easy to take a ton of sangria on the go. Plus, because its sangria you can add a ton of different fresh fruit to it and pretend like you carefully prepared homemade sangria! The official name for this is Trader Joe’s Block Red Sangria, Grape Wine with natural flavors………….

  • 10% alcohol by volume
  • Orange, lemon, fruity sangria taste
  • Net Weight: 3 liters (equivalent to 4 regular wine bottles)
  • Contains natural flavors

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Boxed Wine Sangria at Trader Joe’s

These Trader Joe’s boxed wines are the cheapest and most convenient way to bring a ton of wine on the go or for hosting a party. The fact that this is the equivalent of four regular bottles always blows my mind. I never quite know whether to go with this or the regular Trader Joe’s boxed wine for a bbq or picnic, but they both get the job done. What is everyone’s favorite recipe or fruit to add to this sangria, whether it’s cold in the winter or a hot summer day? Some flavored seltzer water, maybe even the Winter Sangria one, and some fresh fruit go perfectly with this. If anyone has super unique or creative drinks they’ve made with this box sangria, I’d love to hear about them!…..

Price: $9.99 ($10.99 outside of California)

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2 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Sangria, Boxed Wine

  1. I *love* Trader Joe’s boxed Sangria! Its release was the best thing to happen in 2020, aside from the election results. We went through *months* in 2021 when it was unavailable, and my family tried EVERY other kind of sangria sold, at TJs and other stores, some at more than twice the price, and none were as good! So imagine my distress when it became unavailable at in May or June 2022. After several weeks of finding none in stock, I asked a store clerk, who took the time to look it up in the system. IT IS DISCONTINUED!!! NO!!! I will admit that I stored up a few boxes, fearing that TJ considered Sangria a seasonal offering and would end it again when summer faded – But this is mid-summer! I need a write-in campaign to ask TJ to keep up the good work with the boxed Sangria. PLEASE!

    1. I agree!! I also had this very same thing happen to me! I was wondering if it is sold under a different label elsewhere? So broken hearted to know it is gone. I do hope it returns again next summer, then we can stockpile enough to keep us going until it returns again. I find it hard to believe they sell as much in the other flavors?!

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