Trader Joe’s Organic Wine, Charles Shaw

This Trader Joe’s organic wine, made by the same Bronco Wine Co. that also makes Two Buck Chuck, is a decent budget wine for under $4. This comes in a few different red and white varietals like Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. The Pinot Noir 2017 has a taste and smell fairly close to regular Charles Shaw wine. If you’re looking for a super defined and intricate palette, this isn’t your jam. But if you just want a cheap, somewhat drinkable wine for a bbq or lounging around the house, this does the trick. I’ve had worse wines that cost double what these do, so as usual with Trader Joe’s wine, it’s a good value. And the helix cork it comes with is kind of a fun twist, letting you fairly easily open and reseal the bottle without a cork screw!…..…….

  • Charles Shaw 2017 California Pinot Noir
  • Net Weight: 750 ML
  • Made with organic grapes
  • Innovative Helix screw cork is pretty easy to use
  • Vinted and bottled in Ceres, CA

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Shaw Organic Wine at Trader Joe’s

These Shaw Trader Joe’s organic wines are kind of a cool concept. It’s not easy to find a bottle of organic wine for just $3.99, specially one like this Pinot Noir that is at least somewhat drinkable. How does everyone like the helix twist top screw cork? It almost opens like a bottle of champagne, just way easier since there’s no carbonation. I can see these catching on with budget wines or maybe even fancy wines since some pricey wines now use screw caps, which seemed impossible not that long ago. Let me know your favorite wine at Trader Joe’s, both for super budgets wines and ones on the pricier side!…..

Price: $3.99 (slightly more in some markets)

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