Trader Joe’s Saffron, Spanish

This Trader Joe’s saffron is an excellent value at under $6, and is perfect for adding to stews, soups, rice or any dishes that benefit from a subtle, slightly flowery and sweet taste. Saffron can be extremely expensive, not to mention hard to identify if it’s the real thing or not. A huge benefit of buying from Trader Joe’s is that you know they source from trusted producers, and also don’t raise the price unnecessarily. It comes in a little mini glass jar with just .020 ounces, which is just a handful of saffron threads. I know some people swear by the delicate taste and nature of saffron in a variety of dishes, so use it wisely!………….

  • Product of Spain
  • Net Weight: .020 oz
  • Harvested by hand for one week a year
  • Popular in Spanish rice and paella dishes

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Spanish Saffron from Trader Joe’s

The taste of saffron is difficult to describe but it definitely has a flowery hint to it that is best coaxed out by using a mortar and pestle to grind it into a powder. If you add some sugar and a little hot water you can use it in pretty much any dish. The process is kind of similar to making matcha tea, and is done in a lot of European countries, especially in and around Spain. If anyone has any great recipes or uses for saffron, I’d love to know! I haven’t used this much since it is so pricey in general, but if there is an amazing go to dish people use this in, I may have to start giving it a shot more often! Just make sure to store your little glass jar in a super safe place. Here’s a few options if you can’t make it to TJs….

Zaran Saffron, Superior Saffron Threads (Premium) All-Red Saffron Spice for your Paella, Risotto, Persian Tea, Persian Rice, and Golden Milk) (Persian (Super Negin), 2 Grams)

Trader Joe’s Spanish Saffron Threads – 0.02 ounce, Set of 2

Price: $5.99

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