Trader Joe’s Prosciutto, Thinly Sliced

This Trader Joe’s prosciutto is thinly sliced and has a great salty taste to it. It’s sold at a pretty good price of under $4 for 4 oz, which is a good value considering there’s no added junk to this. The only ingredients are ham and salt which can be difficult to find with prosciutto. I love wrapping these around melons, or eating the cured slices on their own. I also like to put some on top of a frozen pizza I’m making in the oven. They make an ordinary frozen pizza really, really good sine the prosciutto crisps up really nicely in the oven and leaks its delicious prosciutto juices and flavors throughout the pizza. If you like the taste of ham and salt and in a super concentrated flavor, you’ll definitely like this prosciutto. Just keep a backup one in the refrigerator since they tend to go fast and last a long time before the expiration date!

  • 70 calories per serving
  • Net Weight: 4 oz
  • Ingredients are ham and salt

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Prosciutto at Trader Joe’s

There are a few different cured Italian meats at TJs, but this prosciutto is one of my favorites. There’s no weird preservatives or chemicals added to it, it tastes fresh and salty eaten on its own, and is sliced thinly enough to wrap around any melon or appetizer you want to make. If you want a simple Trader Joe’s recipe, this Prosciutto Melon Balls one from the TJs website is super simple. What is everyone’s favorite recipe or way to eat this prosciutto? Considering how delicious this tastes on its own, I usually end up just eating a few thin slices right out of the package when I want a protein fix without any added sugars or carbs. If you’re eating keto or low carb, I’d imagine this is a great option…..

Price: $3.99

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