Trader Joe’s Italian Sausage, Sweet Pork

This Trader Joe’s Italian sausage has a really good flavor to it, and is perfect for grilling or making in a skillet. The ingredients in these sweet Italian sausages are a lot healthier than ones you’d get from national brands. There are bunch of different type of Trader Joe’s sausage including organic, hot Italian sausages, and so many more. But these are among my favorite pork sausages, since they have a good amount of sweetness paired with the delicious pork and grease flavor. I love grilling these for the bbq char on the outside, but if you make them in a skillet you’ll capture a lot more of the juices in the pan and then can pour that over the sausages or saute some onions in there! These sausages are all natural and have no artificial ingredients………….

  • 190 calories per link
  • Net Weight: 16 oz
  • Sweet Italian sausage made with pork

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Sweet Italian Sausage at Trader Joe’s

The amount of sausages in the Trader Joe’s meat aisle is off the charts these days, with pre cooked ones taking up a lot of the section. But these pork sausages aren’t cooked so they are a lot fresher tasting without a ton of preservatives, and you can cook them to exactly how you like. I really like putting these in a skillet and adding a little beer and onions. What is everyone’s favorite Trader Joe’s sausage? The only thing about these Italian sausages is that because they aren’t pre cooked, you cant be super lazy and just microwave them! But they all taste way better anyways with a good crisp on the outside from the grill or skillet. If anyone has any great recipes that use Italian sausage, I’d love to hear them!…..

Price: $3.99

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