Trader Joe’s Pie Crust, Two Pack

This Trader Joe’s pie crust is buttery and slightly sweet, with a great overall flavor. It comes frozen in a two pack, and has a price under $4. They hold up really well when baked and provide a perfect cushion for whatever delicious filling you put in them. Real butter and cream are among the ingredients in these pie crusts. Trader Joe’s has a fresh blueberry tarte recipe on the side of the box that I haven’t tried, but can definitely say these work well with just about any pie or tarte. They obviously save a ton of time compared to making ones from scratch, and the ingredients are surprisingly relatively simple. My go to pie is the blueberry pie, but I’ve also made pumpkin and pecan pies with these TJ’s crusts. And the taste is better than a few of the frozen national brands that I’ve used in the past………….

  • 190 calories per serving
  • Net Weight: 22 oz
  • Contains 2 pie crusts

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Frozen Pie Crusts at Trader Joe’s

Sometimes it might feel like cheating to use a frozen pie crust where the work has basically already been done for you, but with pies I always feel like the most important part anyways is the filling. You could of course also add your own decorative braid on top of the existing pie crust to fancy it up and make it partially homemade. What are everyone’s favorite pie recipes that they make with this Trader Joe’s pie crust? Now the only thing that I can get in trouble with is because the package comes with two pie crusts, I feel tempted to just make two different types of pies as long as I’m baking one already! Oh well, two pies it is…..

Price: $3.99

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3 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Pie Crust, Two Pack

  1. This pie crust is marvelous and delicious. However, I was shocked when it wouldn’t roll out smoothly. I had to reball them and roll them out with a rolling pen. But the results were worth it! Brush egg on top and it bakes to a lovely golden brown. A lot better than making your own from scratch!

  2. I bought a pack of these today and allowed them to thaw as directed. When I unrolled them they cracked and split so I rerolled each of them between the plastic layers to close up the cracks. They seem to have baked alright without leaking.

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