Trader Joe’s Olives, Pitted and Salted

These Trader Joe’s olives come in a small little travel pack that is perfect for travelling with or bringing with you to work. These Kalamata olives are pitted and salted and have a really delicious salty, briny taste to them. The package has maybe 10 or so olives in it, and doesn’t have any brine which makes for a lot less messy snack. The first version of these Trader Joe’s olives was ‘just a handful’ of Manzanilla olives, which are also delicious. It may not be the absolute best value in terms of olives per pound, but its well worth it for the convenience. And good luck finding the equivalent of these in your regular grocery store, especially priced under $1. At 60 calories per serving, I use these as the perfect bridge in between meals when I’m not at home…..…….

  • 60 calories per serving
  • Net Weight: 1.05 oz
  • Kalamata olives imported from Greece

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Trader Joe’s Kalamata Olives

There are so many different varieties of olives at Trader Joe’s now, that it’s always hard to decide which product to buy. Do I go for the olive tapenade or the blue cheese stuffed olives, or the canned Kalamata olives. That’s why these little travel ‘just a handful’ packs are so great. You don’t have to worry about plowing your way through an entire jar of olives. I normally keep 5 or 6 these in my pantry at any given time, and almost always work my through them within a month or so. I’ve taken them on airplanes for an easy snack, on the train for a quick trip, and keep them in my desk for when I’m hungry but want to eat healthy. And then get home and eat ice cream…..

Price: $.99

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