Trader Joe’s Moisturizer, Face and Hand Cream

The Trader Joe’s Face Moisturizer and the Mid Summer Night’s cream are two of the dozens of moisturizing cream products that TJ’s sells at any given time. There is of course the ever popular Ultra Moisturuzung Hand Cream, but also the moisturizing gel, and probably 10 other moisturizers for your hands, body and hair! It’s one of my favorite sections of Trader Joe because there’s always new products coming in and out with new scents and unique flavors. And to top it off, there’s always some of the best deals in the store in this section. Anyone who shops for home and beauty products at cosmetic or specialty stores knows how crazy expensive they can be. Somehow TJs has found a way to sell identical products for a lot less money!………….

  • Oil Free antioxidant facial moisturizer
  • Fragrance free hand and body cream made with Moroccan Argan oil
  • Net Weight: 16 oz hand and body cream, 6 oz face moisturizer

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Trader Joe’s Face Moisturizer and Moisturizing Cream

This Trader Joe’s facial moisturizer is so perfect for moisturizing your face that it’s the only thing I to keep from getting dry skin on my face. It doesn’t leave any greasy or oily residue, I never break out after applying it, and it has no scent. The 6 ounce bottle seems small, but it lasts a surprisingly long time and legitimately keeps my face from drying out in all weather. The Midsummer Night’s hand cream for your hands and body is also a great product. I use it on my hands and arms all the time, especially in winter when it can get really dry. It has no fragrance and also doesn’t leave you feeling gross and oily. These are two of my favorite Trader Joe’s moisturizers in the store. Let me know your favorite moisturizing products in this aisle! Check out these other options if you can’t make it out to TJs…..

Trader Joe’s Enrich Moisturizing Face Lotion Pack of 2

Neutrogena Oil-Free Facial Moisturizer, Sensitive Skin, 4 Fl Oz

Price: $5.99 Facial Moisturizer

$3.99 A Mid Summer Night’s Hand and Body Cream

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