Trader Joe’s Waffles, Blueberry

These Trader Joe’s waffles have a slight taste of blueberry and are super easy to pop in the toaster for a quick breakfast. They aren’t the best tasting blueberry waffles I’ve ever had and don’t have the strongest blueberry flavor, but they get the job done. If you’re expecting chunks of blueberry in the waffles, you’ll be disappointed. The packaging has changed on these Trader Joe’s waffles a few times over the last several years, but they remain a fairly standard version of an Eggo waffle. Of course these have a tad healthier ingredients than national brand waffles, and include natural blueberry flavoring. If your kids are missing the flavor, you could always add some blueberry syrup or real blueberries on top. I may have even added some blueberry jam a few times…..…….

  • 190 calories per serving
  • Net Weight: 11 oz
  • Easy to make in the toaster oven

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Trader Joe’s Frozen Blueberry Waffles

There are a bunch of different frozen waffles at Trader Joe’s these days, but these blueberry flavored ones are probably worth buying if you like a subtle blueberry flavor with your morning breakfast. Your kids may be a little disappointed since these don’t have a lot of the strong artificial blueberry flavors that non TJs waffle brands have. Trader Joe’s frozen pancakes can also be really delicious, but I haven’t tried all the breakfast option in the frozen aisle. What is everyone’s favorite go to frozen breakfast option? The buttermilk protein pancakes are good, and of course the frozen hash browns are excellent. I’ve had the shakshuka a few times with poached egss for a little healthier breakfast. Now if I could come up with a way to get my waffle maker to clean itself, I’d have homemade waffles more often!….

Price: $3.99

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One thought on “Trader Joe’s Waffles, Blueberry

  1. I enjoy the waffle, and the texture.
    But I cannot taste the blueberry. If you’re looking for a strong blueberry taste I do not reccoment.
    Though if you’re buying frozen waffles I doubt you will ever get a strong blueberry taste, just put some muddled blueberries on top or sum

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