Trader Joe’s Kefir, Cultured Low Fat Milk

This Trader Joe’s kefir is a smooth and rich tasting fermented yogurt-like beverage that has a ton of probiotics. Technically kefir is cultured milk, but it drinks and tastes like yogurt, just thicker and more distinct tasting. TJs sells this in mango kefir and strawberry kefir flavors also, but this plain one is perfect for adding to smoothies or mixing with fresh fruit. This is great for gut health and an easy way to get a bunch of healthy cultures in your diet. There’s 8 grams of sugar per serving, so it makes a perfect addition to a blender with some fruit and juice. If you’ve only added Greek yogurt or other types of yogurt to your smoothies, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how much texture and flavor this adds. You could of course just drink this by the glass like it’s milk too!………….

  • 90 calories per serving
  • Net Weight: 32 oz
  • Plain, unsweetened low fat kefir
  • Cultured low fat milk with 1% milkfat
  • Contains 12 live and active cultures
  • Filled with Vitamins A and D

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Plain Cultured Kefir at Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s has added a few different kefir products over the last few years, including organic cucumber kefir salad dressing that is actually pretty good. If you want a unique way to get a lot of probiotics without having to take the Trader Joe’s probiotics supplements, this is a good way to go. What is everyone’s favorite recipe or way to use this plain kefir? I bet there are some delicious smoothie recipes that people have that make for an almost milk shake like treat! I like both the strawberry and mango kefirs that TJs has sold over the years, but if there’s a favorite flavor I’m missing, I’d love to hear!…..

Price: $2.99

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  1. Which uk supermarket sells Trader Joe’s Kefir, Cultured Low Fat Milk, Plain, Unsweetened? I’m looking to buy loads. Thank you for your time Jason

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