Trader Joe’s Instant Coffee

This Trader Joe’s instant coffee is a solid choice when you’re in a pinch or super lazy and need a quick cup of coffee. It has a dark roast style taste and because TJs supposedly uses a better process to make the instant coffee, it dissolves super easily in hot water. I’ve used this on camping trips and when you heat up some water and add a little cream, this is a pretty good alternative coffee option. You can make different espressos drinks with this too since it usually doesn’t leave behind any grounds when mixed. So give a shot at making espressos, lattes or Dalogna coffee with this. I know at certain points Trader Joe’s instant coffee packets have been a thing, but last time I was in my local store, I didn’t see any…..…….

  • Made from Colombian coffee
  • Net Weight: 3.5 oz
  • Just add hot water for a cup of coffee

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Instant Coffee at Trader Joe’s

Do people prefer the instant coffee packets that TJs had to this resealable jar? I did like the convenience of those little instant coffee packets but I think this version has a better taste to it. Of course you aren’t getting any small lot coffee notes when you drink this, but it is definitely drinkable. Has anyone made any fun or unique coffee drinks with this instant coffee? Although I guess if you’re taking the time to froth milk , you might just want to use regular brewed coffee. Either way, this has caffeine in it, and gives a solid buzz, which is of course the most important thing! I haven’t tried making this in an Aeropress, but I wonder if that would work, especially considering how quickly this coffee dissolves in hot water…..

Price: $3.99

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