Trader Joe’s Coffee, Small Lot

Trader Joe’s coffee can often be hit or miss. Some of the cheaper coffees are understandably not great tasting. But even with these small lot selections, they sometimes disappoint. I found these ones from Rwanda and Honduras to be really nice beans that produce a smooth and interesting cup of coffee. The Rwandan beans may be in my top 2 of all time small lot beans from TJ’s. It’s hard to remember exactly how each Trader Joe’s coffee tasted because these are rotated so much, but in general there have been some great ones. There have also been some duds. I will say that even when I don’t love the taste, these still don’t require any creamer to enjoy the joe. And these are always $8.99, no matter the source. .…….

  • Amazing value for small lot coffee
  • Net Weight: 12 oz
  • Rotating selection of unique whole bean coffee

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Trader Joe’s Coffee

I have never been one to use coffee creamer in any of my TJ’s coffee, but I would love to hear everyone’s favorite way to spice up their morning coffee! Does anyone recall their favorite TJ’s small lot selection of all time? I remember an Ethiopian one a few years ago that was amazing. I guess that’s part of the fun of it. Fleeting great beans and then on to the next discovery. Isn’t that kind of the point of Trader Joe’s in general? Although I think I get even more upset when my favorite beans go away compared to a food product because that caffeine buzzzzzz is so essential. By the time you read this Trader Joe’s will probably be on to the next small lot selection so be sure to leave a comment or send me an email what your current favorite is. Check some other posts on here for reviews of permanent (semi permanent since it’s Trader Joe’s) coffees sold in store.

Price: $8.99

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