Trader Joe’s Heavy Cream, Whipping Cream

Trader Joe’s heavy cream has a smooth, rich flavor to it and doesn’t contain any preservatives like other brands do. For under $3 a pint, this is a good value too. Heavy whipping cream has the most fat content of all the creams, so it will last a tad longer in your fridge, and is perfect for adding richness and texture to a recipe. You can add it to sauces to thicken them up, mix in some with eggs to make them super fluffly, or just make homemade whipped cream with it! There are a bunch of different Trader Joe’s creams that are sold, so it can all get very confusing. There’s organic heavy whipping cream for a little bit higher price than this version. Then there’s the shelf stable whipping cream in a box. And there’s also just plain heavy cream, with less butterfat content than this heavy whipping cream. That’s a lot of options!………….

  • 50 calories per serving
  • Net Weight: One pint
  • Only ingredients are cream and milk
  • Grade A heavy whipping cream

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Heavy Cream at Trader Joe’s

I generally trust the Trader Joe’s dairy section to be a pretty good value and not have the products contain any stabilizers or preservatives unless absolutely necessary. That being said, I have run into a few milks or creams that weren’t quite good all the way until their listed expiration date. What is everyone’s favorite recipe or way to use this Trader Joe’s heavy whipping cream? A little bit of this heavy cream goes a long way so I tend to add just a tiny pour to whatever I’m adding it to and slowly add more after I taste it……

Price: $2.99

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4 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Heavy Cream, Whipping Cream

  1. Am I the only one that takes a sip of this stuff every so often because I love how creamy it is? I feel like a kid on Thanksgiving who eats the whipping cream by itself =)

  2. what happened to this cream? the current offering says “organic”, but now it has added gums AND doesn’t promise no RBST!

    1. What happened to Trader Joes pure heavy cream with no preservatives just cream and milk? It has disappeared from the dairy section.

      It is the only one I use except the one from Ronnybrook farm which is VERY expensive with a 2$ deposit and is only available at Whole Foods.

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