Trader Joe’s Egg Wraps, Gluten Free

These Trader Joe’s egg wraps are spongy, stretchy tortilla alternatives that are low carb, gluten and dairy free, and part of the growing tortilla alternative trend. These don’t come cheap at $4.69, but compared to other stores like Whole Foods, these are actually a decent value. They absorb flavors pretty well, are strong enough to support a breakfast burrito, and sort of remind me of a crepe. They don’t taste like a whole lot, which is a nice thing when you’re just looking for a low carb pouch for all your yummy foods and flavors!………….

  • 30 calories per wrap
  • Net Weight: 4.44 oz
  • 0 grams of sugar per serving
  • Zero net carbs per serving
  • Gluten free, dairy free
  • Made with rice flour, millet flour and sorghum, among other ingredients

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Gluten Free Egg Wraps at Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s egg wraps are a nice regular tortilla alternative, with the obvious caveat being they won’t trick you into thinking you’re actually eating a real tortilla. How does everyone like to use these Trader Joe’s egg wraps in recipes? If anyone likes the taste and texture of these egg wraps more or less than brands like Egglife, let us know! And if you can’t make it out to TJs, give these items a try…..

Norigami Egg Wraps with Pea Protein

Egglife Egg Wraps

Price: $4.69

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