Trader Joe’s Crumpets, British Style

These Trader Joe’s crumpets are soft, full of holes and delicious. They almost have the texture and feel of a pancake, but with an English muffin shape. They hold melted butter or jam really well since they are full of little holes that can hold deliciousness. You can even use these to make an egg and cheese sandwich. These are a nice way to mix it up if you get sick of English muffins, bagels or plain old toast in the morning. They almost feel like more of a treat because they are so spongy and soft, but definitely need something added to them for flavor. If you toast them up and melt butter with some jam plopped on top, that’s a real good breakfast. Or you could just eat them right out of the bag!………….

  • 100 calories per crumpet
  • Net Weight: 11 oz
  • A good replica of authentic British style crumpets

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English Crumpets at Trader Joe’s

The bakery section of Trader Joe’s has so many different breads and other baked goodies that it can be easy to miss little gems like these crumpets. But as a general rule, if you slather butter, jam or jelly on a soft piece of bread, it will taste amazing. And there is something about the texture of these crumpets that does make me crave them once in awhile. What is everyone’s favorite recipe or way to consume these spongy little discs of yeast? If I’m missing out by not adding some amazingly delicious Trader Joe’s jam or butter, let me know! For people that have lived in the UK, do these replicate authentic English crumpets fairly well? When I first saw these they just looked like English muffins with the Union Jack on the label, but they really are a nice change from plain old English muffins. There has also been Trader Joe’s cinnamon crumpets too, but they seem to go in and out of stock…..

Price: $2.99

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4 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Crumpets, British Style

  1. Are these still around? I haven’t had them in ages and got a craving, but couldn’t find them. Maybe they’re seasonal?

  2. Yes, the crumpets are still at Trader Joe’s. I bought last Saturday. They are the best ever. I just wish I had bought morel than one package.

  3. I just found out trader joe’s has these crumpets never saw them and have been looking in all stores. I am going to buy a few packs this week end. I always found them at Grand Union many years back they are the very best.

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