Trader Joe’s Spinach Dip, with Sour Cream

This Trader Joe’s spinach dip is thick, creamy and loaded with spinach. It has a really nice to tang to it with the sour cream and mayo mixed in. This is a nice variation on the classic Trader Joe’s spinach artichoke dip. There are so many dips that it can be hard to decide which one is best at any given time, but I’d say if you love spinach and a good tangy dip that’s in the refrigerated section, this could be your jam. I like the frozen spinach artichoke dip, but this is so much easier since the only prep work you have to do is open the top and dip your chip. And make sure you have hearty chips since this is a chunky dip. I like the Trader Joe’s pita chips for this spinach dip since they hold up really well…….…….

  • 80 calories per serving
  • Net Weight: 11 oz
  • Loaded with spinach in a thick and creamy dip
  • First four ingredients are sour cream, spinach, mayo and eggs

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Sour Cream Spinach Dip at Trader Joe’s

Sometimes you just feel like a good cold, creamy and rich dip like this when you are on the hunt for snacks. But I am always tempted to go into the freezer and make a bubbly hot spinach artichoke dip. There has been a few different spinach dip options over the years at TJs, but I would put this one up near the top of my favorites. What is everyone’s favorite spinach dip or other dip at TJ’s? I think the key is matching the correct Trader Joe’s chip with the best dip! If you are going with Trader Joe’s tortilla chips, then you probably have to go with a good queso dip. If you want the pita chips, then this is the best dip. And of course if you go with the regular old potato chips, then I like a good french onion dip…..

Price: $3.49

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