Trader Joe’s Miso Soup, Ginger Broth

This Trader Joe’s miso soup has a nice miso, ginger and mushroom flavor to it. It’s just the broth so you can add things like green onions or tofu to make a miso soup like you’d find at a local Japanese restaurant. There is definitely a little stronger mushroom flavor than I expected in a miso soup broth, thanks to the shiitake powder in the ingredients. But priced at under $2 for a quart of good tasting miso broth, this isn’t a bad value at all. And a nice bonus is that there is no sugar at all in this broth. So chop up some tofu and green onions and make a semi homemade ginger miso soup with this box of Trader Joe’s miso soup as the base!………….

  • 10 calories per serving
  • Net Weight: 32 oz
  • Zero grams of sugar

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Trader Joe’s Miso Ginger Broth

When I first started seeing the Trader Joe’s soups and broths in rectangular boxes instead of cans several years ago, I was confused. Who knew that boxed soups would become totally standard a few years later. But some of the best Trader Joe’s soups come in boxes like butternut squash and creamy tomato, both of which are great. What is everyone’s favorite soup at Trader Joe’s, either in the refrigerated section or in the boxed and canned aisle? If you go with this miso ginger broth, do people use the Trader Joe’s tofu to put in the broth for an authentic miso soup? I don’t eat tofu very often so if people know the best type of tofu for this miso soup, let me know! There is something about a hot miso soup with the soft tofu and green onions at a Japanese restaurant that is so satisfying…..

Price: $1.99

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4 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Miso Soup, Ginger Broth

  1. Trader Joe’s Miso Ginger Broth is absolutely the best! It is really helping me maintain a healthy gut which is a plus because it taste so good.

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