Trader Joe’s Beets, in Vinaigrette

These Trader Joe’s beets have a very subtle vinaigrette taste to them coupled with an earthy and sweet tang. The vinaigrette taste is not as strong as you’d think, but they do add a slight unique twist to regular old cut beets. These are basically pickled beets in dressing, and are perfect for adding to salads or as a side dish. These have a ton of folate, vitamin C and fiber with myriad health benefits. And they are very low in calories for how much nutrients they contain, so these are a good way to help fill you up without adding a ton of sugar, carbs or calories!………….

  • 35 calories per serving
  • Net Weight: 15.5 oz
  • 7 grams of sugar per serving
  • Ingredients are beets, water, red wine vinegar, sugar, spices, extra virgin olive oil and sea salt

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Cut Beets at Trader Joe’s

In general beets have a strong tangy and sweet flavor, but the addition of the Trader Joe’s vinaigrette cuts those strong flavors really nicely. What is everyone’s favorite recipe or way to use these beets? Keep in mind that beet juice can stain things, and sort of looks like blood, which can be sort of odd! There are now a bunch of different Trader Joe’s beet products, including steamed beets, baby beets and roasted beet salad. If anyone has a really delicious beet recipe that’s super unique or creative, I’d love to hear about it! And for under $2, these are a no brainer to keep in your fridge. If you can’t make it to TJs, give these other products a shot…..

Libby’s Canned Vegetables – 3 Pack Bulk Bundle Canned Sliced Beets

Trader Joe’s Cut Beets in Vinaigrette

Price: $1.69

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11 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Beets, in Vinaigrette

  1. Please bring these delicious beets in vinaigrette back to TJ’s! I love these beets! I am in Silver Spring, Md. Thanks! AC

    1. We’re right with you on this!
      These beets are delicious and the folks in Texas are furious that they have been discontinued.
      Please bring them back!!

  2. Why would you discontinue this fabulous product? Not a happy camper here…everyone loves these. I have yet to find a similar product anywhere. Does it make sense to send me shopping at other stores? Please bring this back! And while your at it Id love for your 7 layer dip to come back too😉

  3. Please PLEASE bring back the cut beets in vinaigrette !!! We buy these in quantity and no one else’s taste like yours! You also discontinued the Peach Salsa a while back ! These were two of the products that brought me in to shop at your stores! Very sad! I guess I don’t need to come into TJ’s anymore!🥲

    1. These BEETS IN THE JAR were the best EVER! TJ’s discontinued them and I’m furious! I lost 10 lbs eating them with leafy greens and used the vinegarette as the dressing and it was delicious. Now they are gone and others I’ve tried don’t match up! BRING THEM BACK!

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