Trader Joe’s Croutons, Cheese and Garlic

These Trader Joe’s croutons are big, crunchy and have a good taste of garlic and cheese. They are much bigger than your normal croutons, and are made with sourdough bread. These are fairly pricey at $3.29 for only 4 ounces, but they have a lot healthier ingredients than most national brands pre bagged croutons. These are perfect for adding some crunch and texture to salads (of course!), but also in sandwiches, soups and with tomatoes. These have a really good flavor to them without having a weird aftertaste like a lot of croutons seem to have. Apparently Trader Joe’s plantain croutons are also coming out soon, which should be an interesting low carb option! Could gluten free croutons be coming to TJs?………….

  • 140 calories per serving
  • Net Weight: 4 oz
  • Made with sourdough bread

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Cheese and Garlic Croutons at Trader Joe’s

These Trader Joe’s croutons can be hard to know what to do with since they are so much bigger than your average crouton, but they break apart fairly easily, and the flavor and crunch are a necessity in any otherwise boring salad. What is everyone’s favorite recipe or way to use these croutons? I’ve never made homemade croutons, but I bet fresh croutons right out of the oven would be amazing. Let me know if you have an amazing homemade crouton recipe for when you aren’t feeling lazy like me and don’t want to buy store made ones! If you can’t make it to TJs, check out these other crouton options…..

Fresh Gourmet Premium Croutons, Classic Caesar, 5 Ounce (Pack of 6)

Gluten Free Croutons For Salads – Salad Toppings Crunchy Garlic Topping – Salad Croutons – Soup Croutons – Garlic Croutons – Whole Grain Croutons – Olivia’s Croutons – 4.5oz – 3 packs

Price: $3.29

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One thought on “Trader Joe’s Croutons, Cheese and Garlic

  1. I tried these and they were awful. Had a bitter, burnt taste that you couldn’t even rinse out of your mouth. yuck don’t buy

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