Trader Joe’s Babka, Cinnamon Brooklyn Style

This Trader Joe’s Babka is a sweet dense loaf of cinnamon, streusel and richness. It’s not the most moist or decadent babka I’ve ever had, but when you warm it up the cinnamon flavors definitely shine through. The Trader Joe’s chocolate babka is a little richer tasting like a dessert, while this is slightly more cinnamon bread tasting. It’s a nice bread to set out for a party, or to snack on when you have a sweet tooth. But because the chocolate babka is a little sweeter, this is in sort of a no man’s land. Unless of course you don’t like chocolate, which makes this the perfect Trader Joe’s babka for you!………….

  • 200 calories per serving
  • Net Weight: 18 oz
  • Tastes like a cinnamon roll in a loaf
  • “A sweet rich pastry with a cinnamon filling topped with streusel”
  • Seinfeld black and white cookie and babka episodes are two classics!

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Cinnamon Babka at Trader Joe’s

Babka is originally from the Jewish communities of Russia and Poland and is typically a braided bread. Of course the Chocolate vs Cinnamon babka debate always brings me back to one of the all time great episodes of Seinfeld, The Dinner Party episode, where Jerry and Elaine get beat out in line for the last chocolate babka. And Elaine is forced to get the cinnamon babka, or ‘the lesser babka”. I tend to agree that chocolate babka is better than a cinnamon babka, but it probably depends on what deli or bakery you’re getting them at. What is everyone’s favorite type of Babka? Do you have a local go to bakery where you get yours when you don’t get the Trader Joe’s version? Either way, if you’re eating a babka with a hot cup of coffee, you’ve done something right…..

Price: $4.99

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