Trader Joe’s Aloo Chaat, Indian Food Kati Pouches

These Trader Joe’s aloo chaat kati pouches are a vegetarian Indian food appetizer/entree found in the TJs frozen aisle. They have a pretty good Indian spice flavor inside, but since I generally like meat, you sort of have to like the whole vegetarian potato flavor profile. If you microwave this Trader Joe’s aloo chaat the breading won’t get crispy at all and will sort of taste like a hot pocket with Indian spiced filling inside. If you bake these Trader Joe’s kati pouches they do have a pretty decent crispiness to them. This isn’t my favorite Trader Joe’s frozen Indian meal, but if you are a vegetarian, I can see these being a nice and quick go to snack………….

  • 550 calories per container
  • Net Weight: 8 oz
  • Vegetarian frozen Indian entree consisting of a “crispy pastry stuffed with potatoes, chickpeas, chaat masala and tamarind chutney”

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Aloo Chaat, Trader Joe’s Indian Appetizer

Trader Joe’s Indian food has been increasing steadily over the years, so the bar has been set fairly high in terms of flavor and texture. What do people think of these aloo chaat kati puches compared to other TJs Indian food in the frozen section? Entrees like butter chicken, tikka masala, and even channa masala I like better, so I’m curious to know how people rate these compared to those meals. And if you can’t make it out to TJs, give these items a try…..

Crosse & Blackwell Genuine Major Grey’s Chutney 9 Oz(Pack of 2)

Rani Garam Masala Indian 11 Spice Blend 3oz (85g) Salt Free ~ All Natural | Vegan | Gluten Friendly | NON-GMO | No Colors | Indian Origin

Price: $2.49

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3 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Aloo Chaat, Indian Food Kati Pouches

  1. I have been looking for Aloo Chaat Kati Pouches for months at our location in Minnetonka, MN with no luck. Is this product coming back?

    1. Hi Simin, nice Nice.. Lovely…. I think they discontinued it. I also loved this product. I am in CA and cant even find any stores here who has it :(. Stay in Touch, I am Ben by they way…

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