Trader Joe’s Acai Packets, Organic and Pureed

As I mentioned in the Trader Joe’s Acai Bowl post, Acai is a Brazilian fruit (pronounced uhh-sigh-e) that is supposedly a super food with a ton of health benefits. These Trader Joe’s Acai Packets come in a four pack and are super easy to add to any smoothies or healthy dessert. Acai is more expensive that most fruit, so these are not especially cheap at a price of $4.49 for 14 oz, but good luck finding organic acai for less than this! I don’t eat this regularly, but I do appreciate the almost nutty, berry and dark chocolate flavor this imparts in anything you add it to. I like to have it mixed in with granola, but I know this is likely used most often in delicious smoothies!…..…….

  • Only ingredients are organic acai puree and water
  • Net Weight: 14 oz (comes with four 99 gram packets)
  • Adds unique rich berry flavor for smoothies with only 80 calories per serving (1 packet)

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Acai Bowl Packets at Trader Joe’s

You can now buy Trader Joe’s acai bowls in addition to these frozen puree packets. Like I talked abbot in an earlier post, you can even buy Trader Joe’s Acerola puree packets now, another supposed superfruit that could replace acai as the next big thing. I can’t keep up with all the latest superfruit and superfoods and energy/protein/collagen shots and juices. I do know this acai is a good value compared to other groceries, and tastes good. Does anyone have any unique combos they put these acai puree packets with? I know smoothies can get repetitive so I’d imagine everyone has come up with interesting blender combos to spice tings up! Let me know your absolute favorite fruits to add to your smoothie. Does acai make a regular appearance or is it a tad too pricey?!…..

Price: $4.49

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One thought on “Trader Joe’s Acai Packets, Organic and Pureed

  1. Please bring ACEROLA Puree back. It’s a super healthy food. It should be on TJ’s shelf bc that’s what Trades Joe stands for🙏🏽

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