Trader Joe’s Whole Wheat Bread

This Trader Joe’s whole wheat bread has a nice taste and texture to it, and holds up really well when toasted or for spreading peanut butter or jelly on. This has a tad healthier ingredients that all the national brands, but still has a good chewy texture to it. The whole wheat flavor comes through and this is a perfect bread for a turkey sandwich, your morning toast or for a peanut butter and jelly. This is one of many different varieties of whole wheat bread at Trader Joe’s, like the Multigrain wheat, and the Ezekiel Bread. But if you just want the classic old whole wheat bread, this is priced fairly and is usually pretty fresh…….…….

  • 80 calories per slice
  • Net Weight: 22 oz
  • Pre sliced whole wheat bread in bakery section of TJs

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Whole Wheat Bread at Trader Joe’s

The healthy options in the Trader Joe’s bread aisle have grown a ton over the last few years, so sometimes I overlook the traditional classic breads. It may not have the sprouted seeds or the chia seeds or other healthy add ins, but I like using this for a simple ham or turkey sandwich. It sort of reminds me of having a sandwich in my lunch as a kid, only a tad healthier because it’s not Wonderbread white, but whole wheat! What is everyone’s favorite bread at Trader Joe’s?

If anyone has a really good recipe that uses whole wheat or any other type of TJs bread, let me know! There’s nothing better than a fresh and moist loaf of bread. Just make sure to have plenty of almond butter, peanut butter, jams and jellies around also! Or you could make your own bread, but that seems like a lot of work…..

Price: $1.99

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