Trader Joe’s Tzatziki, Sauce and Dip

I love a good creamy sauce, so this Trader Joe’s Tzatziki is a solid recreation of traditional tzatziki found at Greek restaurants or at casual places that serve gyros. This TJ’s version is great as a dip for vegetables or meat. It has a nice cool tang to it that balances out super greasy or fatty meat really well. I think that’s part of the reason it’s often put on top of gyros meat and then stuffed into a pita. Keep in mind that there is now a Trader Joe’s Avocado Tzatziki dip that is also delicious. It’s not easy to find decent and affordable tzatziki in groceries, so this is a good option to have. Just make sure to always have some gyros meat around so you can make an amazing sandwich whenever the craving strikes………….

  • 30 calories per serving
  • Net Weight: 12 oz
  • Made with cucumbers, milk and kefir among other ingredients

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Trader Joe’s Tzatziki Sauce

I love slathering this tzatziki on my gyros. Many nights I find myself craving a good greasy sandwich so I buy the Trader Joe’s gyros meat, and then a nice fluffy pita. I crisp up the gyros meat in a pan, add some lettuce and tomatoes and onions, and plop some tzatziki right in the center. I can’t tell you how wonderfully greasy and creamy and delicious that combo is. Of course you could also use this tzatziki dip in a healthier way, like as a dip for vegetables. But that wouldn’t taste as good! What does everyone like to use this TJ’s tzatziki on? Are there any recipes that incorporate this into it in a fun or unique way?! I’d love to hear any traditional Greek ways to use this cool and creamy sauce. Check out these options if you can’t make it to TJs…..

The Spice Way – Tzatziki Seasoning Dip (4 oz)

Hidden Valley Greek Yogurt Cucumber Dill Dressing (Pack of 2) 12 oz Bottles

Price: $3.49

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2 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Tzatziki, Sauce and Dip

  1. Just got this for the first time and I really like the taste of this Tzatziki. My only wish is that the cucumber pieces would be diced much smaller . I’m used to a more creamy sauce without the large slices/pieces of cucumber in it. Very tasty though.

  2. This version is a pass for me. Not great in the least.
    Consistency is loose and very wet. Cucumbers are slimy and texturaly unpleasant. Flavor is weak.
    For the price, you’re better off making it yourself or buying elsewhere.

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