Trader Joe’s Rice Crackers, Savory Thin Minis

These Trader Joe’s rice crackers are mini, gluten free, and have a nice sesame and rice taste with a crunchy texture. These are also sold in the original size which are better for putting cheese on or using with dips. But this mini version is a lot better for snacking and you get a little more crunch since the they are so small. I really like the slight sweetness from the gluten free tamari soy sauce on these. There are now a few different Trader Joe’s rice crackers, but these are definitely near the top in taste and texture. These are the perfect gluten free snack that you can just mindlessly munch on without feeling guilty………….

  • 120 calories per serving
  • Net Weight: 8 oz
  • Gluten free
  • Multiseed with tamari soy sauce
  • Less than 1 gram of sugar per serving

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Savory Thin Mini Rice Crackers

There is almost no sugar in these little round crackers, so this really is a healthy snack. What does everyone usually eat with these? I like to cube up some cheese to put on each individual rice cracker, sort of like a grown up version of when I would put a tiny slice of American cheese on Ritz crackers as a kid. I haven’t explored too much of the healthier snacks and gluten free crackers aisle at TJs, so I’d love to know what people’s favorite items are. Sometimes the best tasting ones look the worst in the bag, and vice versa, so it takes a good amount of trial and error I guess! And because these rice crackers don’t come in a resealable bag, that basically is an invite to eat them in one or two sittings, right?!…..

Price: $2.99

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