Trader Joe’s Tortellini, Pesto Filling

This Trader Joe’s tortellini is a delicious pesto filled pasta that is easy to cook and serve as an entree with some sauce on it, or as a side dish. Keep in mind Trader Joe’s has also sold frozen organic pesto tortellini at various times, but this is a dry version. As with most tortellini, especially when it’s filled like these, you are best cooking it al dente. If you overcook these and by accident leave them in the water a little too long, they can get slimy and not very appealing. But I’ve found if these are cooked properly and you toss them in Trader Joe’s pesto sauce, you have a really indulgent pesto dish that takes almost no work!………….

  • 210 calories per serving
  • Net Weight: 16 oz
  • Made in Italy

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Italian Tortellini with Pesto Filling

Sometime I buy these just as an excuse to use Trader Joe’s delicious jarred pesto to toss these in. I like having the pesto filling in addition to the sauce. In general, Trader Joe’s pastas are a pretty good value and always have simple ingredients. And as a nice bonus, most of them are actually made in Italy like this tortellini. What is everyone’s favorite recipe or way to make this pesto filled tortellini? I’m also curious what people’s favorite all time pasta is at TJs. I’m always so conflicted since there are so many shapes, sizes and different fillings. I feel like these types of filled pastas have been around forever at Trader Joe’s, and I never really get sick of them as an easy meal. If I had to make an entree with this, I would probably grill a steak or something rich to go with the pesto….

Price: $2.99

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3 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Tortellini, Pesto Filling

  1. As many of you who’ve cooked ‘any’ dried tortellini will know the filling will remain crunchy while the pasta is ‘just right. Its an annoying discord in flavor and texture but there is a way around it.

    The issue is the filling needs more time to reconstitute itself than the cooking time allows. The pasta itself takes about 15 mins or so and the filling ..about another 20. Here’s what I do to balance them out.

    Cook the tortellini till the pasta is a hair under ‘al dente’, immediately drain and put the tortellini in a bowl of cold water, you’ll have to make a few changes as the pasta retains a lot of heat. Once cool set a timer for about 15-20 mins, soak and then drain, give the colander a shake as water is retained in the nooks and crannies.

    Add to your favorite sauce(mine is Raos) and heat for a minute or two, sprinkle some grated romano and you’ll be one step closer to heaven 🙂


  2. Please bring this wonderful product back!!!!! I am so disappointed my favorite pantry staple is no longer!!!

    Please tell me how else to get it

  3. This was a staple in our house – we literally bought it in bulk! It’s been discontinued. I cannot, for the life of me, understand why! It’s a staple for a reason. If anyone has leads on a similar product sold elsewhere we would LOVE to know about it. I’m so disappointed in Trader Joe’s.

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