Trader Joe’s Mochi, Strawberry Ice Cream

A chewy ball of dough with ice cream inside of it? Yes, please. Trader Joe’s Mochi ice cream is incredibly good, and significantly cheaper than the ones sold in most groceries. But these little doughy rice balls with rich strawberry ice cream inside have fairly straightforward ingredients, and always hit the spot. Mochi ice cream is only a recent phenomenon in the States, and they can now be found in a lot of places. But TJ’s was one of the first groceries to carry these small pillows of indulgence. They now come in a few different varieties like green tea, Thai tea and chocolate peanut butter, but these strawberry mochi ice cream ones are my favorite. The Trader Joe’s mango mochi ice cream and the mochi vanilla ones are also really good………….

  • Gluten free
  • Net Weight: 6.8 oz
  • 80 calories per ice cream filled mochi ball

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Trader Joe’s Mochi Ice Cream

I usually reach for these in my freezer when I want something sweet but also carby. So something super healthy obviously. The one problem I have with eating these is I always eat the ball of dough and ice cream super fast, which can cause a crazy cold throat freeze that is really painful! Has anyone else had this happen to them? I think it’s because the rice dough around the ice cream shields the coldness until its already partially down your throat and then the freezing cold hits you! Other than that small quirk (eat these carefully) Trader Joe’s mochi ice cream is absolutely delicious. If I had to make a ranking of flavors, I’d probably put mango and strawberry as the top two, with the other varieties a distant second. Although if you love chocolate and peanut butter, those ones are pretty delicious. And if you can’t make it out to TJs, give these a try…..

Bubbie’s Mango Mochi Ice Cream, 7.5 oz (Frozen)

Price: $4.49

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One thought on “Trader Joe’s Mochi, Strawberry Ice Cream

  1. I tried the Mochi ice cream tonight. I’m sorry, my husband & I may be in a minority here, but the ice cream was great….the outside was like what I could imagine chewing on stretchy, chewy, raw pizza dough would be like. It had the texture of raw slimy dough. All sad to say for over $4 is going in the trash.

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