Trader Joe’s Hand Soap, Vanilla Pumpkin

This Trader Joe’s hand soap and hand lotion multi pack generally comes out around October and is in stores through the holidays. Trader Joe’s hand soap and Trader Joe’s hand lotion comes in a few different varieties and scents, but it’s nice to have different options around the holidays. The scent on this vanilla pumpkin soap isn’t overly strong for both the hand soap and lotion, and is nice to put out for guests for a festive wrinkle………….

  • 2- 8.2 ounce bottles
  • Sold in the beauty and skincare aisle of TJs
  • Vanilla pumpkin scented
  • Hand soap and hand lotion included for under $4 each

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Hand Soap at Trader Joe’s, with Hand lotion

Trader Joe’s hand soap and hand lotion in a vanilla pumpkin scent is one of a growing number of specialty skin and body products that TJs now carries. As always, the ingredients to Trader Joe’s skin and body products is significantly better than your average national brand, and is way underpriced considering the quality and amount. How does everyone like the scent and texture of this soap and lotion? If anyone has a favorite Trader Joes hand soap or Trader Joe’s hand lotion, let us know! And if you can’t make it out to TJs, give these items a try…..

Mrs. Meyer’s Hand soap on Amazon

Price: $7.99

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