Trader Joe’s Edamame, Frozen

This Trader Joe’s Edamame comes fully cooked, frozen and salted. You can easily defrost them in the refrigerator overnight or just microwave them. They don’t look amazing once you thaw them out, but they still contain delicious edamame inside the green pods. Keep in mind TJs also has sold a refrigerated package of edamame and a frozen just shelled edamame version. I prefer these ones that remind me of being at an Asian restaurant that you peel open yourself. These have a decent amount of salt on them and a good taste, especially for a price of under $2 for 16 ounces. Dip these in some spicy mayo, soy sauce, or with just the salt that’s already been added! And make sure to perfect your method of squeezing open the pods so the little edamame squirts right into your mouth………….

  • 220 calories per package
  • Net Weight: 16 oz
  • Lightly salted and fully cooked

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Trader Joe’s Frozen Edamame

Edamame is always a highlight of eating at an Asian restaurant when they come out fresh and you can dip them in soy sauce or other sweet things. They don’t have a ton of taste by themselves but the salt adds a nice flavor to the sort of crunchy, sort of soft texture they have. What odes everyone like to eat this frozen edamame with? Is there a go to dish you always make whenever you have these as an appetizer or side? I also feel like these would be good to serve at a party with a few bowls of dipping sauces. I prefer the frozen ones partially because you can defrost however many you want to eat at a time, and leave the rest frozen for later. Sometimes those massive bowls of edamame at restaurants can be too much to plow through!…..

Price: $1.79

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