Trader Joe’s Tempeh, Three Grain

This Trader Joe’s tempeh is a great deal at a price of under $2, and is made from soybeans, barley, rice and millet. TJs tempeh has a really nice nutty flavor to it, and is a perfect way to add protein to any vegan meal. The package says it will keep for 5-7 days once it’s opened, which is plenty of time to make it a variety of ways.

The easiest is to just crisp it up by sauteing it with some oil. You can also bake it, or grate it and add it to any salad or soup for more protein. It absorbs flavors really well so is a great thing to add super rich and savory sauces to. And besides being vegan, it has no sugars at all. It’s one of the rare products at Trader Joe’s that’s not from a TJs label, but instead Llightlife Tempeh remains on the packaging…..…….

  • 190 calories per serving
  • Net Weight: 8 oz
  • Loaded with protein, iron and fiber

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Tempeh at Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s tempeh has an awesome nutrition profile, and seems to be somewhat difficult to find at grocery stores, at least for this price of $1.99. For all the vegans out there or people who just love all the benefits of tempeh, what are your go to tempeh recipes? Is there a way you generally make this Tradre Joe’s tempeh, depending on how easy of a meal you want? I don’t have much experience with tempeh so I’m super curious to learn how all you pros out there consume this! This tempeh is another in a long line of vegan products at Trader Joe’s that are priced well below many natural or organic markets like Whole Foods. If you aren’t familiar with tempeh or recipes, pick one up today and do some experimenting! Check out these options if you can’t make it to TJs…..

Lupina Brand Australian Sweet Lupin Bean Splits, Keto-Non GMO-Gluten Free-Vegan-16oz Pack-Makes Exquisite Tempeh, Savory Soups, Delectable Hummus-High Fiber 11g, and High Protein 12g Per 30g Serving!

Marigold Gluten Free Tempeh in Can 170

Price: $1.99

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