Trader Joe’s Dumplings, Pork and Vegetable Gyoza

Just like most of Trader Joe’s dumplings, this pork and vegetable gyoza version is very solid. Because these potstickers are already cooked and then frozen, you don’t have to worry about under cooking them no matter what heating method you choose. I like to pan fry them with some oil so that they crisp up nicely, and then dip them in Trader Joe’s Soyaki or just some regular soy sauce. There is a nice ginger and salty flavor to these dumplings, and they taste great drenched in any salty or sweet sauce. Don’t confuse these for the Trader Joe’s steamed soup dumplings, which are also delicious…….…….

  • 230 calories per serving
  • Net Weight: 16 oz
  • Come precooked, just heat and serve

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Trader Joe’s Pork and Vegetable Gyoza Dumplings

Trader Joe’s dumplings also come stuffed with chicken or shrimp. The chicken dumplings are solid, and the shrimp ones are especially delicious. What is everyone’s favorite gyoza or dumpling at Trader Joe’s? Have the newish soup dumplings that are absolutely incredible tasting made you eat these gyozas a lot less often? I have definitely been reaching for the soup dumplings lately, both the original chicken ones and the pork and ginger. As always, I’m excited to hear what your favorite dipping sauce is to go along with gyoza, and your preferred method of cooking these little dough pillows. When I get super lazy (mostly always as you probably know by now), I just put these in the microwave, try not to think about them not being crisp, and then put some soy sauce on them. I have eaten many, many TJ’s dumplings in one sitting, usually when I have a taste for Asian food but don’t end up ordering in! What I’m saying is always keep a bag of these in your freezer…..

Price: $2.99

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  1. Can I brush the potstickers & chicken shuMai with oil & brown in oven to serve as appetizers prior to lasagna dinner, or do you suggest something else. Thank you.

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