Trader Joe’s Dried Mango, Unsweetened

Trader Joe’s dried mango comes in a few different varieties, one with added sugar and this one that is just mango and nothing else. Because mangoes are naturally super sweet, they have a nice sweetness when dried, but not overwhelming. This dried mango is really delicious and chewy when you want a relatively healthy snack. It comes in a resealable little bag that’s good for keeping the mangoes fresh. Depending on the package you get, sometimes the dried mangoes will be harder or softer and more difficult to pull apart from each other. But however much the pieces stick together in a ball of goodness, they taste fresh, vibrant and have a great chewiness. Occasionally you’ll get a bag with only a few super chewy pieces, but the great taste remains…..…….

  • 130 calories per serving
  • Net Weight: 6 oz
  • Unsulfured and unsweetened

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Trader Joe’s Just Mango

This Trader Joe’s dried mango shouldn’t be confused with the freeze dried mango that TJs has sold over the years. This mango is not crispy at all, and is either slightly hard or mostly chewy. What does everyone like to add these dried mangos to? I usually just eat them right from the bag, but I’d imagine some people like to put them with yogurt or add sugar or half and half to them. It’s kind of hard to go wrong with any form of just mango since its such a delicious fruit, but these definitely don’t disappoint and you can be happy that you’re just eating a piece of dried fruit, with nothing else added. Until of course you add some Trader Joe’s chili lime seasoning or pumpkin pie spice! The great thing about mangoes is they go well with just about any spice…..

Price: $3.99

Price: $3.99

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One thought on “Trader Joe’s Dried Mango, Unsweetened

  1. I l9ve these but my concern is why doesn’t this product list all the other nutrients mangos, dried or not… are supposed to have?
    Like Cooper, Vit A,B,C.. thiamine..etc

    So how good are these and what is the process of drying that’s removing the good stuff.

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