Trader Joe’s Coconut Water

This Trader Joe’s coconut water tastes somewhat watery with a hint of coconut flavor. It is packed with fiber and vitamin c and is a great way to have a tasty and nutrient dense drink. TJ’s also carries King Coconut Water, which is more expensive and has a more distinct, almost nutty flavor. This is great to drink when you’re dehydrated, but you can of course add it to drinks or other recipes to impart a nice subtle coconut flavor. Coconut water comes from young coconuts and usually is fairly thin and watery, but don’t let the lack of texture turn you off. It’s still loaded with all the good things that come from coconuts………….

  • Good source of potassium with no added sugar
  • Net Weight: 33.8 oz
  • 50 calories per serving
  • Ingredients include coconut water, fructose, ascorbic acid (vitamin C) to maintain color

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Coconut Water at Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s coconut water comes in a few different varieties, including organic coconut water and the king coconut water I mentioned earlier. What is everyone’s favorite use for coconut water? Not having cooked a ton with coconut products, is there a breakdown of how to use coconut milk vs coconut cream vs coconut water? It’s all very confusing and delicious. If anyone has any recipes they use this TJs coconut water in, let me know! I love coconuts and the subtle flavors that come from them, but it can definitely be overwhelming when trying to decide what to use in what recipes! If anyone is looking for ways to use coconut water, this Food Network piece seems like a good place to start! Now if I could only get a fresh coconut off the tree, crack it open and drink it…..

Price: $2.99

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