Trader Joe’s Pizza, Uncured Pepperoni

This Trader Joe’s pepperoni pizza has a good wood fired taste to it and crisps up nicely in the oven. Technically the name for this Trader Joe’s pizza is Wood Fired Naples Style Uncured Pepperoni Pizza. That is a mouthful. But this is actually one of the better Trader Joe’s frozen pizzas, especially for a price under $5!

The pepperonis taste a lot better than your standard frozen pizza pepperoni, and all the flavors and textures go together really well. I’d say make sure to crisp up the crust for the full experience of this pepperoni pizza. Depending on the toppings you like, this is up there with the Trader Joe’s BBQ Chicken pizza as one of the better TJs frozen pizzas! The star of this is definitely the good flavor of the pepperonis and the texture of the crust. This is a rare pizza not actually made in Italy from Trader Joe’s………….

  • 1170 calories per pizza
  • Net Weight: 15.2 oz
  • Has a few different types of cheese including Fontina and Monterey Jack

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Trader Joe’s Frozen Pizza

Trader Joe’s always has a big selection of frozen pizzas, and most of them are unique and distinct from your run of the mill national brands. The fact that this pepperoni pizza has a pretty good dough that is somewhat stretchy and chewy while still crisping up is a nice touch. It’s certainly not New Haven style or New York style good, but for a frozen pizza I like this one. And the ingredients in all the Trader Joe’s pizzas are always way, way healthier than the ones in brands like DiGiorno and Red Baron. One of my favorite things about the Trader Joe’s frozen section is that you can pretty much be sure that no horrible ingredients or weird preservatives have been added!……

Price: $4.99

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