Trader Joe’s Coconut Shrimp

I don’t hate these Trader Joe’s Coconut Shrimp. Of course things can only go south so much when you combine shrimp and breading. These shrimp have a pretty good flavor, but they are nothing spectacular. If you are able to prevent them from getting mushy inside and out, they are actually pretty good. And for an under $6 price, it’s not the worst deal out there for coconut shrimp. There is only a hint of coconut flavor, and a lot of breading and seafood flavor. If you just stick these in the oven and bake them, you wont be overwhelmed by goodness. But if you are able to put them in an air fryer, then you can produce a good crispy coconut shrimp………….

  • 250 Calories per 5 shrimp (approx. 15 shrimp in the package)
  • Net Weight: 12 oz
  • Decent flavor, tough to crisp

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Trader Joe’s Coconut Shrimp Recipes

A lot of the frozen foods at Trader Joe’s can be so good if crisped up properly, but sadly it usually takes a little extra work to make sure that happens. These are no exception. Just make sure to crank your oven up high enough to get a crispy breaded texture, or better yet just throw them in your air fryer if you have one! Ideally, you go the extra mile and toss them in a hot pan with some oil. But at that point, it almost defeats the purpose of the convenience. Or maybe I’m just lazy?! Just make sure to either make the outside crispy or be satisfied with a slightly mushy outside that you don’t care about since they were so easy to heat up. What is everyone’s favorite way to cook these coconut crusted crustaceans? Is there a go to dipping sauce you prefer for these?…..

Price: $5.99

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