Trader Joe’s Argentinian Shrimp

These shrimp are so tasty they almost make you think you are eating lobster or langostino. The sweetness of them really comes through when you saute them or even put them on the grill. Be aware though that your entire house will smell like pleasantly sweet seafood and shrimp after cooking these bad boys. I think these Trader Joe’s red Argentinian shrimp may be in my top 10 favorite products at Trader Joe’s. They cook super quickly. They taste incredibly sweet and fresh. And the only ingredient is Argentinian shrimp. No preservatives or other weird stuff most places add to shrimp. Did I mention they are still only $9.99? That is a laughably great deal considering their size and taste. …….

  • Only ingredient is red Argentinian Shrimp!
  • Wild Caught shrimp for better nutritional value
  • Net Weight: 16 oz (1 lb)
  • Recipes galore with these versatile flavor bombs
  • Great as a substitute in langostino recipes

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Trader Joe’s Wild Argentinian Shrimp

I’ve used these wild caught Trader Joe’s shrimp in pasta recipes a ton. I’ve also grilled them to perfection and put them on top of a salad. I think my favorite use for them in a recipe is to saute them in garlic and butter until they are just cooked. The sweet seafood smell wafts through my house. The only issue I have is that I end up eating the entire pound of red shrimp in one sitting. Always. I tell myself I’ll put the rest away until tomorrow. And then I remember they are wild caught and have amazing nutritional value! If you aren’t a huge fan of boring and bland shrimp you have to give these a try. I promise you’ll be shocked at their lobster like taste and smell. And if anyone has great recipes for these shrimp, let me know and I’ll share them! Check these products out if you can’t make it to TJs…

Chilean IQF Langostinos 2 lb. Bag

Mexico Wild Caught Jumbo Gulf Shrimp Peeled & Deveined, Uncooked 16-20 Count 3 Lb. Bag

Price: $9.99

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One thought on “Trader Joe’s Argentinian Shrimp

  1. I bought these but plan to return them after cooking about 6 of them, and saw the pan was filled with a watery milky liquid…STPP. This is Sodium tripolyphosphate, also known as pentasodium triphosphate or STPP, used by processers in the sea food industry to fatten and make the seafood heavier, as it is sold by weight. The shrimp cooked down to 1/2 precooked size, and were tough. I would rate these 1 star, and as this chemical is bad for you, recommend that Trade Joes insist that suppliers halt all use of STPP.

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