Trader Joe’s Chomps, Beef Sticks

These Trader Joe’s Chomps are really delicious and clean tasting, and come in a small to medium sized stick that is perfect for eating on the go. I usually keep one of these in my work bag, and whenever I travel I take a few of these in my carry on bag.They don’t have to be refrigerated, are made from 100% grass fed beef, and have a pleasant smell and snap to them. You can find Chomp sticks at a few different groceries, but the Trader Joe’s Chomps price is the cheapest I’ve seen at $1.69. These come in a few different flavors and proteins, including jalapeno, venison and turkey sticks. Another bonus is the nutrition in these is excellent, with no sugar at all and 9 grams of protein…..…….

Chomps at Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s Chomps are the rare product that is not sold under a Trader Joe’s label. The Chomp sticks nutrition panel lists the following ingredients: 100% grass fed beef, water sea salt, encapsulated lactic acid, celery juice, black pepper, red pepper, garlic powder and coriander. It’s all stuffed in a beef collagen casing. These original beef Chomps have a slightly spicy taste to them but mainly they taste like garlic, neutral spices and beef. If anyone has a favorite flavor of Chomps or another brand they really love, let me know! It is super convenient to be able to have so much protein without any sugar in a portable little sealed beef stick like this. Things have definitely come a long way from the old school Slim Jims that had a ton of junk ingredients in them, but had funny commercials! …

Price: $1.69

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