Trader Joe’s Mac and Cheese

Trader Joe’s mac and cheese is a delicious blend of four cheeses that has a really nice creamy and gooey texture to it, with a real cheese taste. Depending on how you cook it, the cheese may not be all that thick, but it definitely tastes great. You can microwave this or put it in the oven, just like a Stouffer’s mac and cheese. This has been an old standby of Trader Joe’s in the frozen section for as long as I can remember. Over the years the taste and ingredients have both gotten better. This is perfect for a super easy and protein filled kids meal, or of course you can do what I often do and just stand over your counter gobbling it up while it’s still way too hot to eat! All for a price under $3………….

  • 720 calories per container
  • Net Weight: 14 oz
  • Made with cheddar, swiss, havarti and gouda cheese

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Trader Joe’s Diner Mac and Cheese

Just like other brands, you won’t get as much good cheese crisp if you microwave it, but in the oven the edges and the top of the cheese form a really delicious crust. I’m sometimes conflicted whether to make this Trader Joe’s mac n cheese from the frozen section, or to make the boxed macaroni and cheese. I think TJs might use Annie’s to make their boxes of mac and cheese, but either way they are both really good. What does everyone (and their kids) prefer when they eat mac n cheese? Are there any delicious homemade mac and cheese recipes that people make when they are feeling super ambitious? When I feel lazy, I like to pop this is in the microwave, pour a glass of two buck chuck and turn on a movie…..

Price: $2.99

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