Trader Joe’s Candles, Candle Tin Trio

These trader Joe’s candles come in a cute holiday trio tin of three scents and are perfect for gift giving or just putting out around the house for a nice holiday scent. All of these smell really good and not overpowering, but I think the nutmeg candle smells the most like the holiday season! I don’t absolutely love any of these scents, especially compared to the amazing Trader Joe’s honeycrisp apple candle, but these are definitely worth the purchase. At a price of just under $8 for the three small candles these are a tad steep, but well worth it considering how much use you can get out of these over the holidays or really all winter…….…….

  • Three candle tin trio of fresh currant, cranberry pine and nutmeg
  • Net Weight: 9 oz
  • Made with natural soy wax blend and lead free cotton wick
  • Perfect for a holiday gift
  • Pleasantly pungent smells, especially the nutmeg candle for holiday parties!

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Candle Tin Trio at Trader Joe’s

There has been a lot of different candle scents from TJs over the years, but they haven’t sold them in little three packs like this before until 2020. The only downside when you buy these is you can’t really smell them since they are enclosed in the little cardboard gift box, unlike the normal Trader Joe’s candles that come in the bigger tins on their own. What is everyone’s favorite Trader Joe’s candle scent of all time? I have a hard time remembering all the different TJs candles I’ve had over the years, but I still think the honeycrisp apple candle is at or near the top for me. And if you can’t make it out to TJs, give these items a try…..

– Chesapeake Bay Candles

– Amazon 6 Pack Candles

Price: $7.99

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