Trader Joe’s Butter, French Cultured Salted

This Trader Joe’s butter is rich and salty tasting, and adds a little something extra compared to regular old butter. It’s made in Brittany, France and has a really good Kerrygold butter type taste to it. For under $3 for just under 9 ounces, this is a good value considering how high quality it tastes. There are a few different butters to choose from now at TJs, including Trader Joe’s grass fed butter and plain butter. And as an added bonus, the packaging is really simple and pretty, with a French like blue design to it that makes me happy every time I see it in the refrigerator! Maybe I just like the packaging so I think it tastes better than it does, but this is a good, quality butter to keep in your fridge…….…….

  • 100 calories per serving
  • Net Weight: 8.8 oz
  • Rich, tangy and salty taste
  • Ingredients are cultured butter (pasteurized cream (milk), lactic acid cultures), and salt

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French Salted Cultured Butter at Trader Joe’s

This salted Trader Joe’s butter has a really nice taste to it, and is perfect for adding to baking recipes or using it to saute things like eggs or meat in a pan. What is everyone’s go to butter to use for different types of recipes? I never know which type of butter is best for what foods, so if anyone has a good rule of thumb I’d love to know! Between the grass fed and the culture salted and the unsalted and the plain old butter, I sometimes get overwhelmed when deciding which one to buy. And I know you’re supposed to buy unsalted butter for a lot of baking and cookie recipes since there can be too much salt in the recipe if you don’t use unsalted butter…..

Price: $2.99

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3 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Butter, French Cultured Salted

    1. The question should be, only grass fed cows. Kerrygold has been recently exposed for using milk from grass fed cows that were also fed corn, soy and GMO.

  1. Forget discussion. Frigging TJ discontinued my favorite butter 5 days ago. Have to go elsewhere? Then, that will be a stop BEFORE TJ’s on our weekly grocery shop.

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