Trader Joe’s Beer, Cans and Bottles

Trader Joe’s beer is sold in a variety of forms, from 6 packs to individual cans and bottles. Each Trader Joe’s sells uniquely local beers depending on the state and city, but in general they all carry a really good selection of beers at great prices compared to your average grocery or liquor store. From Blue Moon to Modelo to Guinness, Trader Joe’s beer is always a good combo of local and national brands………….

  • Blue Moon, Modelo, Guinness, Stella Artois among the many beers sold at Trader Joe’s
  • You can always count on local beers being sold at your TJs
  • Selling them in individual bottles and cans or in larger packs is a nice option

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Beer at Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s beer is always a welcome mixture of super local breweries and large brands. Depending on where you live, the section may be larger or smaller whether or not your state allows wine or liquor to be sold at groceries. How has everyone found the Trader Joes beer selection and prices compared to other places you buy beer? And if you can’t make it out to TJs, give these items a try…..

Bundaberg Ginger Beer, 6.8 fl oz Cans, (24 Pack)

Groomsmen 16 ounce Pilsner Pint Beer Glass Sets of 2 to 12 Custom Engraved including Choices of Design and Text

Price: Stella Artois: $9.99/6 pack; Blue Moon $8.99/6 pack

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