Trader Joe’s Ginger Beer, Brewed

I really like this new version of Trader Joe’s Ginger Beer. It has a beer like quality and definitely a bit of a twang to it. I think kids would like this to drink on it’s own. It is way stronger and better tasting than normal ginger ale in a can. You can mix this into cocktails and because it has such a carbonated bite to it, it really cuts the alcohol well. For how much flavor this has in a cool looking 12 oz bottle, 140 calories doesn’t seem too bad. What fun cocktails or mocktails have you made with this TJ’s ginger beer? I know that the quirky and interesting designs on most bottles at Trader Joe’s can be fun for kids too…….

  • Perfect for a moscow mule
  • Great clean ginger flavor
  • 6% juice
  • Four 12 oz bottles

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Trader Joe’s Ginger Beer

Isn’t it amazing how many good mixers Trader Joe’s has? There’s so many good carbonated sodas and juices that this new Trader Joe’s Ginger Beer kind of escaped me until recently. I wonder if Trader Joe’s will ever sell unique moscow mule mugs. That seems like something they would do really well with adding their own twist. I think if you have a four pack of this around you can give the kids a couple bottles and they’ll have fun drinking them, while the adults make moscow mules! I always think about the old school ginger ales like Canada Dry and Schweppes and am thankful they make a lot better versions now at Trader Joe’s. Although I did see Canada dry now has a ‘bold’ ginger ale. Kind of like Buick, I think they are trying to make the brand a bit younger…

Price: $3.99

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