Trader Joe’s Shrimp Burgers, Seafood Burgers

These Trader Joe’s shrimp burgers have a really good subtle seafood flavor and crisp up really well on the grill or in a saute pan. You can even pop them in the oven and bake them, but you lose a bit of that char crisp flavor that makes these especially good. The texture of these Trader Joe’s seafood burgers are more like a turkey burger and less like an actual ground beef burger. But I like the somewhat peppery, almost sausage like flavor of these shrimp burgers made with shrimp and pollock fish (the same fish used in a lot of fast food fish fillets like McDonald’s)………….

  • 90 calories per burger patty
  • Net Weight: 12.8 oz (4 patties)
  • 13 grams of protein per burger
  • Ingredients are shrimp, pollock, sunflower oil, rice flour, salt, garlic, powder, spices

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Trader Joe’s Shrimp Burgers

There are a few different Trader Joe’s seafood burgers, including the Trader Joes salmon burgers and the Trader Joe’s Mahi Mahi burgers. I put these up near the top close to the Mahi Mahi burgers in terms of taste and one rung above the salmon burgers. What does everyone think of the flavor and texture of these TJs shrimp burgers? I don’t love tartar sauce but I’d imagine some tartar sauce and then of course a really good soft bun would be perfect with these burgers. Or if you’re eating keto or low carb, you could even crumble these up and add it to a salad or over beans in a bowl. And if you can’t make it out to TJs, give these items a try…..

Big Shake’s Classic Frozen Shrimp Grill Burger Patties – Perfect Frozen Fish Shrimp Burgers 9 Whole Shrimp Burgers

– Gourmet Game Day Assortment from Omaha Steaks (Fully Cooked Chicken Wings, Redhook Amber Beer-Battered Shrimp, Filet Mignon Burgers, Kielbasa Sausages, Mini Lobster Grilled Cheese, and more)

Price: $6.99

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One thought on “Trader Joe’s Shrimp Burgers, Seafood Burgers

  1. Love these. Versatile little burgers! I like shrimp taco Tuesday, shrimp salad, shrimp anything. My buddy at the cash register says they aren’t selling well. I’m afraid that you’re going to discontinue them. Please don’t!

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