Trader Joe’s Frozen Wild Blueberries, Boreal

These Trader Joe’s frozen wild blueberries are slightly sweet, very tart and a tad smaller than regular old frozen blueberries. Grown in the Boreal region of Canada, these have a good taste to them, without being overly sweet. There are of course a bunch of different Trader Joe’s frozen blueberry options, including organic blueberries, wild organic blueberries and just frozen blueberries. The taste difference is hard to say for most of them, but these frozen wild blueberries are definitely more tart than the rest of the bunch. Give these a try if you haven’t yet since they have a fairly unique taste. And if you can’t make it to TJs, check out these blueberry products to add to smoothies and other recipes………….

LOOV Organic Wild Blueberry Powder, Wild-Crafted from Nordic Forests, 100% Whole Fruit Bilberry, 35-Day Supply, 6 Ounces, Freeze-Dried and Powdered Blueberries, no Added Sugar

Wild Blueberry Powder 3.5 oz (100g) 100% Whole Berry; Not Extract, Not Concentrate, Not Juice Powder

  • 80 calories per serving
  • Net Weight: 16 oz
  • Grown in Boreal region of Quebec, Canada

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Trader Joe’s Frozen Wild Blueberries from Boreal

There are so many different types of frozen fruit at Trader Joe’s that it tends to all blend together. But these frozen wild blueberries are unique in that they are grown in a specific region and have a unique taste. What is everyone’s favorite type of frozen blueberries at TJs? If you have a favorite frozen fruit at Trader Joe’s, especially for smoothies, let me know! These are super small blueberries so they actually go really well in a smoothie. I love looking through the frozen aisle at TJs and planning out what type of smoothie I’ll make with different fruits. If anyone has a go to smoothie recipe that tastes amazing, let me know!….

Price: $3.49

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3 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Frozen Wild Blueberries, Boreal

  1. I love these berries and have come to rely on them as a staple. When are you going be offering them at Trader Joe’s in Ann Arbor again? I really miss them. Thanks!

  2. I started buying these instead of the frozen blueberries because the frozen blueberries have way too many stems in them.

  3. I buy these because the Medical Medium recommends them.
    (google ‘Medical Medium-Wild blueberries)
    They are fantastic in shakes. My pet birds love them.
    A typical shake consists of a handful of spinach, a banana, frozen mango chunks and lactose free milk (or almond). Grind away and enjoy!

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