Trader Joe’s Latkes, Frozen Potato Pancakes

These Trader Joe’s latkes are a tasty version of a potato pancake, with a crunchy exterior and soft oniony inside. It’s super easy to heat these up in the oven, and they make a good breakfast, snack or Hannukah treat. They go really well with some apple sauce or sour cream on the side ( I like the sweetness of apple sauce best with them) and are a lot smaller than they look on the front of the box. These are made from potatoes, matzoh meal and egg whites among other things, so they have a nice potato texture to them. It’s sort of hard to mess up a deep fried potato of any kind, and these don’t disappoint. If you close your eyes and focus, you can almost pretend like you are eating a hash brown from McDonald’s! And if you can’t make it to TJs, give these products a shot………….

Manischewitz Potato Pancake Mix 6oz (2 Pack) Gluten Free, No MSG, Traditional Style

Streit’s Potato Pancake Mix (Kosher For Passover), 6 oz, 2 pk

  • 75 calories per pancake
  • Net Weight: 10.6 oz
  • Pre cooked, frozen and Pareve

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Potato Pancake Latkes at Trader Joe’s

There’s something so good about mornings where you can eat a hash brown or potato pancake or latke or whatever you normally call these deep fried potato flavor bombs. What does everyone like to have on the side when they serve these Trader Joe’s latkes? It’s nice that Trader Joe’s carries year round a number of foods like this that are traditionally eaten around the holidays. If anyone has a super unique or creative sauce or way they eat these latkes, I’d love to know! You may as well keep a box of these in the back of your freezer for when the craving hits…..

Price: $2.69

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2 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Latkes, Frozen Potato Pancakes

  1. The potato pancakes are WAY WAY too heavy on onions… they’re more like onion pancakes. Lesson learned.

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