Trader Joe’s Pesto, alla Genovese

This Trader Joe’s pesto is an excellent tasting version of the classic basil pesto. It has a nice flavor to it and mixes well with pasta, soups , eggs or on top of some bread. I know some people have been disappointed by the fact that they used sunflower oil in addition to olive oil. It’s also listed as the first ingredient, but the bright and savoriness of the oils, cheeses and basil still mix for a great flavor. This may not be the most authentic or strongest tasting pesto you’ve ever had, especially if you’re grandma used to make this. But it gets the job done. It also is priced under $3, which is actually a pretty good value considering all the ingredients in this like Grana Padano and Pecorino Romano cheeses…….…….

  • 250 calories per serving
  • Net Weight: 6.7 oz
  • Made in Italy

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Trader Joe’s Pesto Sauce

Trader Joe’s pesto is one of the most popular items at Trader Joe’s, and has been around for years. They also have a few different versions now in the refrigerated section, including a Walnut Pesto and a Vegan Kale, Cashew and Basil Pesto. I like the this one in the jar the best I think, but the taste of pesto in general is so good that it’s hard to go horribly wrong. What is everyone’s favorite way to use pesto in recipes? I know that you really have to love the taste of pesto since it tends to dominate the flavors of whatever it goes in or on top of. If anyone has made a homemade pesto, which is actually easier than you would think, I would love to know your recipes and how it compares to the taste of this Trader Joe’s pesto sauce…

Price: $2.49

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One thought on “Trader Joe’s Pesto, alla Genovese

  1. Love Pesto, but hate that basil, pine nut, and olive oil taste? Well this pesto (salt) is for you! Not recommended for snails, slugs, or other moist individuals.

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