Trader Joe’s Bags, Insulated and Reusable

Trader Joe’s Bags come in a bunch of different varieties that include insulated bags, reusable bags and standard shopping bags. The state design bags can be really fun to collect since a lot of cities and states are represented with cool designs and logos on each .99 cents reusable bag. And the insulated bags come in a few different designs, including a blue or red one with an illustration of the original Trader Joe’s in Pasadena, CA. In most states you can still get free paper bags from Trader Joe’s, but these are a nice way to be eco friendly and be able to hold a lot more things when you have a huge Trader Joe’s haul!………….

  • Buy a Trader Joe’s bag with a state design for under $1 dollar!
  • Reusable bags and insulated bags come in a few different colors and designs
  • Trader Joe’s bags come in a bunch of different State designs

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Trader Joe’s Reusable Bags

Both the Trader Joe’s insulated bag and the reusable state bags can withstand a surprising amount of weight without breaking. I’ve filled up my little state bag many times with a ton of stuff and it always stretches but the handles stay in place. The insulated bags zipper can sometimes bust if you fill it to the brim and try and close them, but they do keep food somewhat cold, look nice, and are perfect when you want to hold a little more than the average brown paper bag. Plus they hold super long or weird shaped items like plants or the occasional wood bowl a lot better. Does everyone have a favorite bag design for their city or state? There are so many fun ones, its hard to decide. Go buy a Trader Joe’s bag, insulated and reusable ones, and feel good you’re helping the environment!…..

Price: $6.99 for Insulated Bag, .99 cents for State Reusable Bag

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  1. My daughter bought the orange TJ cooler bag a month ago, and now my local TJ’s only have red black. Since a little kid, my brother has been all about the color ORANGE. Are there any orange bags available anymore? Looking for one for Christmas present wrap for other gifts!

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